Monday, January 21, 2019

Michael Newheart's endorsement of Preaching the New Testament Again

Preaching the NT Again: Faith, Freedom, and Transformation (Cascade, 2019)
"Yung Suk Kim has done it again! After writing seminal works in Pauline studies, biblical hermeneutics, and Bible study, he now turns his attention to homiletics. Kim's work is all of one piece. He is interested in transformation. And this emphasis is more than evident in his new book, in which Kim once again stands in the gap between the New Testament and practical theology, here Christian preaching. Those who preach--and those who teach preachers--have been given a gift in this work."
-Michael Willett Newheart, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Language and Literature, Howard University School of Divinity

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Robert Wafawanaka's endorsement of my new book forthcoming

Preaching the New Testament Again: Faith, Freedom, and Transformation (Cascade, 2019), forthcoming

"This is a ground-breaking book on preaching on the familiar themes of the New Testament. Kim has the rare ability to unearth unique insight into common texts. Building on his earlier works, Kim unravels the richness of this triadic notion for preachers today. He asserts the critical role of contextual interpretation in various parts of the New Testament. Furthermore, he empowers the modern preacher not to repeat what was said but to interpret it for new people in new contexts. This critical approach ultimately enables the modern preacher to craft various contextual and truly transformative sermons in diverse settings."
-Robert Wafawanaka, Associate professor of Biblical Studies and Old Testament, Virginia Union University

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Larry Welborn's endorsement of my forthcoming book, Preaching the New Testament Again

"Yung Suk Kim possesses one of the most original, refreshing and urgent voices in New Testament Theology today. Kim’s new book on preaching addresses the most important questions for Christians in the 21st century: How can we believe again? What can set us free? How can we live authentically? Kim’s understanding of “faith” gives substance to Bonhoeffer’s dictum, “Only the one who obeys believes.” Kim powerfully expounds the freedom that comes from sharing Jesus’ primal confidence in God. With Kim’s new book in hand, preachers will recover the New Testament as the essential resource for life-changing proclamation."
-Laurence L. Welborn, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Fordham University

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Susan Hylen's endorsement of my book, Preaching the New Testament Again

"Yung Suk Kim offers a compelling interpretation of New Testament texts that gets to the heart of their message. His close attention to the distinctive theological voices of New Testament writings will make even familiar passages seem fresh. Preaching the New Testament Again can reenergize preachers by renewing their understanding of Christian faith, freedom, and transformation." 
-Susan E. Hylen, Associate Professor of New Testament, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"To see small is wisdom"

"To see small is wisdom" ---from the Dao De Jing.

This idea of "small" or "smallness" applies to the truth of wisdom or enlightenment.

I love the Dao De Jing and translated it into English, placing it in an appendix of this book.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Scholarly debate on Christology

I recently reviewed Larry Hurtado's book in RBL: "Honoring the Son: Jesus in Earliest Christian Devotional Practice." My review is found here: 
(access required).

Then, I found the author responding to my review to defend his thesis:…/honoring-the-son-a-re…/

Then, I also found another person citing my review and agreeing with me:

I am glad that people are reviewing my review. Lively engagement is important.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

James Harris's endorsement of my forthcoming book, PREACHING THE NEW TESTAMENT AGAIN

"This book by Dr. Yung Suk Kim reflects a deep and thoroughgoing understanding of the New Testament from a phenomenological and theological perspective. He is an excellent exegete who understands that social and economic contexts are critical to preaching and teaching. It is liberating and refreshing to see Professor Kim emphasize themes such as freedom and transformation which by extension broaden our understanding of faith and salvation. There is an implicit correlation between understanding who Jesus is and preaching the gospel and Dr. Kim makes that clear. This is not only a tour de force of New Testament themes, but it is a “vade mecum” on how to read and understand the New Testament. Excellent for experienced pastors, teachers, and ministry students of all persuasions."
-James Henry Harris, Distinguished Professor And Chair of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University